Whole Body Kids' Facebook Group


We're launching a summer Facebook group for all kids! Here is what's included:


+ Private Facebook Group

+ At least two weekly LIVE activities lead by an OT

+ Activities are focused head to toe: obstacle course setup, fine motor activities, brain challenges, sensory play! You name it, we are doing it! 

+ Daily activity post for each age, 5 years to 10 years* old! 

+ Supply list of materials just about every home has


*Honestly, a younger child can probably join too, but we know for sure 5 to 10 year olds shouldn't need any modifications to what we have planned! 


+ Weekly parent coaching and education posts for parents to support parenting during a crisis and pandemic (also really great parenting stuff because being a parent-and a kid!- is a growth process!) with feedback from a Board Certified occupational therapist

+ The first 10 registrants get a 30-minute FREE parent coaching call with an occupational therapist- we're all about helping parents right now and we're proving it! 


Our Goal

We get it: everyone is feeling exhausted by online learning and classes. But we think we have an innovative way to continue with online growth for both kids and their parents while we are living in this rapidly changing time in history.


Our goal is to offer kids some fun activities to keep their bodies moving and developing and to support their parents in everyday home life. This is for all families and all kids! 



What is this?

A private group on Facebook that is dedicated to having a summer of fun with kids who are mostly home-bound with an extra focus on growth and support for parents home with them! 


What are the activities?

Each week will have a theme! We aren't releasing the themes publicly (you get all of that and our Welcome Packet when you register, but think of campfire week, shark week... each week has a theme but the activities will be engaging and related to different areas of development for kids! Whole body focus means whole body movement, hand skills (pencil olympics- Woo!), sensory awareness, emotional awareness, and brain builders! 


How much?

$68.00 and a minimum of 10 families are needed for the group to launch! 



The group starts July 14th and will be archived August 20th! Families who join will have lifetime access to the group and all of its contents. 


We can't make the live events, is it worth it?

For sure! The live events will be posted to the group!


What's this parent coaching thing?

One of the parts of our work as OTs is always supporting parents as they guide their children. During COVID-19 this has become a large part of what we do, even more than working with our clients. So, we're offering a 30-minute parent coaching session (to the first 10 families that join our group!) with an OT to help answer any home-life questions parents have. Think: motor development, behaviors, daily life, etc! 


Also, we will post food for thought in the group related to parenting and supporting parents who are home and managing alllll the things, including raising and educating their children. 


How do I sign up?


1. Register here 

2. Pay here


As soon as we get your payment, we will add you to the Facebook group where you can access all of the early-bird content! 


I am still confused or I have more questions:

Cool. We surely missed something! Email us Hello@TheYoungandWell.com or text us 301-327-4434