Fall 2021 Outdoor Preschool Class

We know the feeling: the pandemic is still raging and your young child started out as a toddler when it began and is now heading into pre-school age without much group experiences in their life so far. 


You might be concerned about their ability to make friends, with how their fine motor skills are developing, if they can sit and focus on activities enough, and with how easy it will be for them to be in a school setting. 







We created this group just for your child. We'll meet almost as often as a regular preschool class, for a little less time, and with a lot of great experiences to help them along in their early childhood journey. 


We'll meet their cognitive, sensory, motor, and social needs in an outdoor setting that makes COVID-19 safety very easy. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Process

1. Read all about our class on our website and send our team any questions via email: Classes@TheYoungandWell.com!

2. Sign up using this registration form, indicating your info, your child's info, your pre-class playdate preference and program package choice! 

3. Attend one of the playdates to make sure we are all a good fit! We'll let you know within three hours of the playdate you attend if our program is the right fit for your child! 

4. Pay your invoice for the program attendance! 

5. Complete our waiver and consent form for attendance!